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Rev. Sis. Savariammal

“Our finger prints don’t fade from the lives we touch” – Judy Blume

It is a privilege to be the Principal of this renowned institution, where thousands of children have had the foundation for their successful life. Our dedicated staff make sure that our children are not deprived the joys of their childhood, Children are allowed to grow naturally while they learn their academics. We endeavor to bring out the best of our students and help them work towards the realization of their goals. Learning is an endless process. The education imparted by us prepare our students to face the challenges of the world.

A sound mind can exist in a sound body. Apart from their academics, we ensure that our students stay physically fit by implementing a well-balanced curriculum. As Swami Vivekananda says, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”, opportunities are Provided to bring about a holistic development in children which paves way for their successful career in future.

Our staff strive to inculcate moral values in children which is inevitable for any human being to lead a worthy life. The training offered to our students helps them understand their role in every stage of their lives and fulfil them to the best of their ability. Even as we impart education that keep them abreast of the highly advanced technologized world, we also instil values in the young hearts that make them sensitive to the needs of the others and grow up as responsible citizens of the future world.

I wish and pray that all our students who leave the portals of this esteemed institution, not only carry with them the knowledge about themselves but also the confidence that they will be the torch bearers for others.


Rev. Sr. Savariammal, M.Sc., B.Ed.